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02-10-10 Kenneth Copeland Thinks You're Stupid


After hurricane Katrina struck the gulf coast in 2005 Kenneth Copeland helped facilitate an airlift of supplies into the devastated region. One of Copeland’s pilot buddies and church member, Glenn Hyde, had been restoring an old DC-3 cargo plane. Copeland put Hyde in touch with the head of Operation Blessing and Hyde’s DC-3 was put to use flying food, water and other supplies to the victims. Copeland Ministries also apparently donated some funds to cover the costs of the flights. This humanitarian effort seemed at the time to be motivated purely by charity on the part of Copeland and the others involved.

At the 2006 Believers Convention, Kenneth Copeland began to promote what he called a new ministry birthed from the Katrina disaster. Angel Flight 44 was to be an arm of Kenneth Copeland Ministries, organized to provide relief via land, sea, and air directly to victims of future disasters. Copeland claimed the Lord had spoken to him and commissioned him to provide flight services via airplane, helicopter and even amphibious plane. He said the ministry had begun, it was just starting but it was growing. According to Copeland plans were in the works to construct new hangars at his private airstrip to accommodate the aircraft to be purchased for this new ministry. All they needed was financial help from the partners.

For months, in print, internet and televised media, Angel Flight 44 was used as a fund raising tool for Kenneth Copeland Ministries. A book was commissioned and thousands of copies given away retelling the miraculous tale of the original flights to aid Katrina victims. People were encouraged over and over to donate directly to this outreach or to become a partner with Kenneth Copeland Ministries so that they could share in the blessings that would surely come from the Angel Flight 44 ministry.

Today, Angel Flight 44 does not exist. The original DC-3 is no longer in service. No new hangars were built, no airplanes or helicopters were ever purchased. A ministry spokesperson would only say that they investigated the possibility of providing disaster relief via air service but decided against it. Kenneth Copeland seems unwilling to even utter the words Angel Flight 44 and the money donated by trusting partners is unaccounted for.

For the complete story of the disappearance of Angel Flight 44 including documentation see http://kennethcopelandblog.com/

Last night I attended a taping of the Praise The Lord program at TBN studios in Irving Texas. The hosts were Kenneth and Gloria Copeland. The main topic of conversation was the Haiti earthquake disaster. Copland said he had recently spoken to one of his good friends, a missionary down there, who told him they needed at least $250,000 to rebuild. The man told him that they were working hard to get that money now because after the immediacy of the disaster died down, people would no longer give. Copeland expressed his disappointment that the man had so little faith in God. He said it hurt his spirit that this man could not believe that the Lord was able to continue what He had begun even after the media hype was gone. Kenneth said he cried out “I repent if I’ve ever thought like that.” The he added, “I had no sooner gotten those words out of my mouth than He said ‘I’m assigning this assignment to you to make sure and certain you’re committed to Haiti for the long term’”.

So now God has given Kenneth Copeland a new commission. The same God that he claimed gave him the Angel Flight 44 commission over 4 years ago has now commissioned him to provide funding for this missionary and to stay in Haiti for the “long haul”. The same God that apparently changed his mind about the Angel Flight 44 assignment has now given the great man of God a new assignment.

You’ll excuse me if I sit this one out. I believe I’ll keep my money in my pocket and just see how long the “long haul” is before I jump into partnership with Kenneth Copeland. The “long haul” for Angel Flight 44 was about a year. After that, the ministry ceased making mention of the new ‘land, sea, and air’ ministry.

I predict that the “long haul” for Haiti will be an even shorter duration. Once the use of Haiti as a fund raising tool begins to lose its appeal we’ll hear little more about Copeland’s efforts there. Then it will be on to the next assignment, the next great project, the next great fund raising appeal, whatever it takes to keep the money rolling in.

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