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December 2009

12-20-09 It's The End Of The World As We Know It part 10
The mystery of the woman who rides the beast

12-18-09 Lying Signs and Wonders
Do miracles validate the man and the message

12-13-09 It's The End Of The World As We Know It part 9
The 7 headed 10 horned beast from the sea - The Anti-Christ and the kingdom from which he arises

12-11-09 Water Baptism In The Name Of ..........?
Should we baptize in the name of the Father, Son, & Holy Ghost or in Jesus name only?

12-06-09 It's The End Of The World As We Know It - part 8
More on the two witnesses, when and where do they witness?

12-04-09 Redemption Without Repentance
Many today want forgiveness w/o accountability & redemption w/o repentance

November 2009

11-29-09 It's The End Of The World As We Know It - part 7
The Two Witnesses - Who are they? - What is their ministry?

11-22-09 It's The End Of The World as We Know It - part 6
More on the abomination of desolation & the judgment of Gods apostate people

11-20-09 The Eternal Security of the Believer
Are we unconditionally assured of salvation or is there
a condition attached and if so, what is that condition

11-15-09 It's The End Of The World As We Know it - part 5
Multiple fulfillments of prophecy and the Abomination of Desolation

11-13-09 Sorcerers, Liars, and Adulterers Exposed
More stories from the world of apostate religion

11-08-09 It's the End Of The World As We Know It - part 4
We examine the timing of the rapture - pre-trib?, mid-trib, or post-trib?

11-06-09  Is Satan Really The 'god' of this World?
Does the devil rule inthe kingdoms of men and does he
have the right to give them to whoever he wishes

11-01-09 - It's The End Of The World As We Know It - part 3
A comparison of the Olivet Discourse and the seals of Revelation 6

October 2009

10-30-09 Mans Dominion in the Earth
Did Adam lose his dominion when he sinned? Did Satan gain dominion?

10-25-09 It's The End Of The World As We Know It - part 2
More on the faulty foundation of dispensationalism. Two covenants - one of bondage
the other  a covenant of freedom. Jesus pronounces desolation upon Jerusalem

10-23-09 Does the Anointing Dwell in You?
Does the 'anointing' abide in you or is it a force that comes and goes?

10-18-09 It's The End Of The World As We Know It! - part 1
Dispensing with dispensationalism - We begin this series on end times prophecy by refuting the false  foundation of dispensationalism which lies at the heart of much of the error in today's religious system

10-16-09 The Sword of the Lord
The Sword of the Lord divides between soul and spirit, between truth and error,
and even brings division to households and families

10-11-09 New False Prophecy Warning
Refuting the false prophecy of a nuclear attack on Washington DC in Oct 2009

10-09-09 Binding and Loosing

10-04-09 Pray in Private - Proclaim in Public

10-02-09 Answered Prayer


September 2009

9-20-09 The Wise and the Foolish Virgins

9-18-09 The Strength of Sin is the Law

9-13-09 Deliverance Ministries part 1     part 2

9-11-09 The Curious Case of Cornelius

9-06-09 The Wealth of the Sinner

9-04-09 Discerning Between True and False Prophecy

August 2009

8-23-09 Ephraim as a 'Type' of the Church

8-21-09 Beware Political Christianity & Another Judaizer Heresy

8-16-09 One Body One Spirit One Lord

8-14-09 Effectual Fervent Prayer

8-09-09 The Righteousness That Comes By Faith

8-07-09 Swine Flu, Tax Exempt Churches and Some Other Stuff

July 2009

7-17-09 Moses and the Vail

7-12-09  Bible Versions

7-10-09  Faith and Patience

7-05-09  Peace With God Through Faith in Christ

7-03-09  A Mountain Emerges From the Sea

June 2009

6-28-09 The Relationship Between Faith and Works

6-26-09 Oh Foolish Galatians

6-21-09 Receiving the Promises by Faith

6-19-09 He is Faithful Who Promised

6-14-09  Earthen Vessels

6-07-09  Sin & Sickness

6-05-09  The Death of the Wicked

May 2009

5-31-09  By Whose Stripes You Were Healed

5-29-09  Know Them That Labor Among You

5-24-09 Warning: False Doctrine May Be Hazardous To Your Health!

5-22-09  Dealing with personal offenses

5-17-09 CliffsNotes Christians part2 - Spiritual Maturity

5-15-09 CliffsNotes Christians

5-10-09 The Resurrection is Our Hope

5-08-09  Giants in the Land

5-03-09  Apostles & Prophets part 3 - Prophecy & Tongues

5-01-09 Swine Flu or Spirit of Fear?


April 2009

4-26-09 Apostles & Prophets part 2

4-24-09 Samuel and Eli

4-17-09  Broken or Crushed - The Choice is Yours

4-12-09  Overcoming the Works of The Flesh by Faith  Communion Service

4-10-09 The Works of The Flesh Are These

4-05-09 Apostles & Prophets part1

4-03-09 Woe To The Shepherds of Israel


March 2009

3-29-09 Bishops and Deacons

3-27-09 The Battle Within

3-22-09 To Rule or To Serve?

3-20-09  His Righteousness or Your Own?

3-15-09  Don't Settle for a Lesser Kingdom

3-08-09  All Scripture is Profitable

3-01-09  It Shall Not Be So Among You


February 2009

2-27-09  Strangers in the Sanctuary

2-22-09  Colossians, the Mystery of Christ in You Communion Service

2-20-09 All Will Be Made Alive in Christ

02-15-09  Overcomers part 2

02-13-09  The Things of the World

02-08-09  Overcomers part 1

02-06-09  Lessons From History

02-01-09 Are You Giving to the Rich?

January 2009

01-30-09 Will You Receive the Love of the Truth?

01-25-09  Resistance or Rebellion?

01-23-09  A King Which Knew Not Joseph

01-18-09 The Gift of Repentance

01-16-09 Biblical Angel Encounters  examining the prophecies of Dimitru Duduman

01-11-09 The Simplicity of Christ

01-09-09 Unholy Alliances

01-04-09 All Israel Shall be Saved

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