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December 2009

12-18-09 Lying Signs and Wonders
Do miracles validate the man and the message

12-11-09 Water Baptism In The Name Of ..........?
Should we baptize in the name of the Father, Son, & Holy Ghost or in Jesus name only?

12-04-09 Redemption Without Repentance
Many today want forgiveness w/o accountability & redemption w/o repentance

November 2009

11-20-09 The Eternal Security of the Believer
Are we unconditionally assured of salvation or is there
a condition attached and if so, what is that condition

11-13-09 Sorcerers, Liars, and Adulterers Exposed
More stories from the world of apostate religion

11-06-09  Is Satan Really The 'god' of this World?
Does the devil rule inthe kingdoms of men and does he
have the right to give them to whoever he wishes

October 2009

10-30-09 Mans Dominion in the Earth
Did Adam lose his dominion when he sinned? Did Satan gain dominion?

10-23-09 Does the Anointing Dwell in You?
Does the 'anointing' abide in you or is it a force that comes and goes?

10-16-09 The Sword of the Lord
The Sword of the Lord divides between soul and spirit, between truth and error,
and even brings division to households and families

10-11-09 New False Prophecy Warning
Refuting the false prophecy of a nuclear attack on Washington DC in Oct 2009

10-09-09 Binding and Loosing

10-04-09 Pray in Private - Proclaim in Public

10-02-09 Answered Prayer


September 2009

9-20-09 The Wise and the Foolish Virgins

9-18-09 The Strength of Sin is the Law

9-13-09 Deliverance Ministries part 1     part 2

9-11-09 The Curious Case of Cornelius

9-06-09 The Wealth of the Sinner

9-04-09 Discerning Between True and False Prophecy

August 2009

8-23-09 Ephraim as a 'Type' of the Church

8-21-09 Beware Political Christianity & Another Judaizer Heresy

8-16-09 One Body One Spirit One Lord

8-14-09 Effectual Fervent Prayer

8-09-09 The Righteousness That Comes By Faith

8-07-09 Swine Flu, Tax Exempt Churches and Some Other Stuff

July 2009

7-17-09 Moses and the Vail

7-12-09  Bible Versions

7-10-09  Faith and Patience

7-05-09  Peace With God Through Faith in Christ

June 2009

6-28-09 The Relationship Between Faith and Works

6-26-09 Oh Foolish Galatians

6-21-09 Receiving the Promises by Faith

6-19-09 He is Faithful Who Promised

6-14-09  Earthen Vessels

6-07-09  Sin & Sickness

6-05-09  The Death of the Wicked

May 2009

5-31-09  By Whose Stripes You Were Healed

5-29-09  Know Them That Labor Among You

5-24-09 Warning: False Doctrine May Be Hazardous To Your Health!

5-22-09  Dealing with personal offenses

5-17-09 CliffsNotes Christians part2 - Spiritual Maturity

5-15-09 CliffsNotes Christians

5-10-09 The Resurrection is Our Hope

5-08-09  Giants in the Land

5-03-09  Apostles & Prophets part 3 - Prophecy & Tongues

5-01-09 Swine Flu or Spirit of Fear?


April 2009

4-26-09 Apostles & Prophets part 2

4-24-09 Samuel and Eli

4-17-09  Broken or Crushed - The Choice is Yours

4-12-09  Overcoming the Works of The Flesh by Faith  Communion Service

4-10-09 The Works of The Flesh Are These

4-05-09 Apostles & Prophets part1

4-03-09 Woe To The Shepherds of Israel


March 2009

3-29-09 Bishops and Deacons

3-27-09 The Battle Within

3-22-09 To Rule or To Serve?

3-20-09  His Righteousness or Your Own?

3-15-09  Don't Settle for a Lesser Kingdom

3-08-09  All Scripture is Profitable

3-01-09  It Shall Not Be So Among You


February 2009

2-27-09  Strangers in the Sanctuary

2-22-09  Colossians, the Mystery of Christ in You Communion Service

2-20-09 All Will Be Made Alive in Christ

02-15-09  Overcomers part 2

02-13-09  The Things of the World

02-08-09  Overcomers part 1

02-06-09  Lessons From History

02-01-09 Are You Giving to the Rich?

January 2009

01-30-09 Will You Receive the Love of the Truth?

01-25-09  Resistance or Rebellion?

01-23-09  A King Which Knew Not Joseph

01-18-09 The Gift of Repentance

01-16-09 Biblical Angel Encounters  examining the prophecies of Dimitru Duduman

01-11-09 The Simplicity of Christ

01-09-09 Unholy Alliances

01-04-09 All Israel Shall be Saved

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