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December 2012

12-16-12 Sabbath Keeping part 2
Jesus is our Sabbath in the New Covenant

12-14-12 Sabbath Keeping
Jesus is our Sabbath in the New Covenant

12-09-12 Amos Speaks to the Church part 2

12-07-12 False Teacher Alert!
Chris Rosebrough takes on Robert Morris

12-02-12 Amos Speaks to the Church
OT prophets still speak to us today

November 2012

11-30-12 Learning to Hate Our Enemies
How your worldview is shaped by the enemy of mankind

11-18-12 It's Over part 2
Darkness is coming
1Kings 22:1-4 & 41-48, 2Chron 20:31-37, Rev 2& 3, Rev 11

11-16-12 It's Over - Your House is Left Unto You Desolate
Guest Speaker Steve Dines on what God is saying to His people

11-11-12 Doubtful Things
Romans 14 - The Law of Liberty. Do not dispute with one another over doubtful things

11-09-12 No One Can Stay His Hand
Go does according to His will in heaven and on earth

11-02-12 To Vote or Not to Vote
Some thoughts on voting in this election

October 2012

10-28-12 Living Sacrifices
Romans 12 - How should we live in the face of persecution

10-21-12 - Israel the Olive Tree
Romans 10 & 11

10-19-12 Meditate in Gods Word
The Word brings peace in the storm and instruction for life
Psalm 1, Rom 12:2, Hebrews 11

10-14-12 God Chooses Israel
Romans 9 & 10

10-07-12 True Freedom in Christ
The law of life in Christ Jesus frees us from the law of sin & death
Romans 7:21 thru 8:39

September 2012

09-30-12 Dead to Sin
We must reckon ourselves dead to sin and alive to God daily
Romans 6-7-8

09-28-12 The Holy and The Profane
Church leaders put no difference between the holy and the profane

09-23-12 Searching For the Ecclesia part 2
What does the ecclesia look like?

09-21-12 The Empire Strikes Back
The religious system will do everything in its power to keep you bound to Babylon

09-16-12 Searching For The Ecclesia
Now that we are out of Babylon, how do we come together as Gods people?

09-14-12 The Tip of the Spear
Restrictions on 'offensive' speech are aimed at stifling the gospel in the west

09-09-12 Abraham Believed God
God imputes righteousness to those who believe

09-07-12 According to Our Idols
God tests us and gives us our desires according to the idols in our hearts

August 2012

08-19-12 The Beatitudes
These are the attributes of true disciples

08-17-12 Beware the Leaven of Herod
The dangers of mixing politics and religion, the temporal with the spiritual

08-12-12 One Nation Under God part 5
Nationalism is the bait to bring you into the dominionist agenda

08-05-12 One Nation Under God part 4
Israel & the Church: One Covenant or Two?

08-03-12 One Nation Under God part 3
Examining the promise of land as an eternal possession in the new covenant

July 2012

07-29-12 One Nation Under God part 2
Is there truly a nation under God in the earth?

07-27-12  One Nation Under God part 1
Examining the roots of Christian Nationalism

07-15-12 Persecution in America part 2
Muslims attack Christians in Michigan - Here's the rest of the story

07-13-12 Persecution in America part 1
Phoenix man jailed for home bible study - Here's the rest of the story

07-08-12 The Word of Thy Testimony
How to truly overcome

07-06-12 O Foolish Americans
Works based righteousness is the standard in today's harlot religious system

07-01-12 Land For Peace
The church is compromising her spiritual land for promises of peace with the world

June 2012

06-22-12 The Harbinger
An audio review of the book by Jonathan Cahn

06-17-12 Straining Out Gnats While Swallowing Camels
condition of the church today

06-15-12 The Unknown Soldier
Guest Speaker Tim LaVigne

06-08-12 Two Churches - Babylon and Jerusalem
video by Zac Poonen

May 2012

05-25-12 The Harlot Church System - The Nicolaitans
From The Harlot Church System by Charles E. Newbold

05-20-12 Doug Duncan Interview
We talk to cult expert Doug Duncan about cults and spiritual abuse

05-18-12 Examine Yourself
Are you in the faith or are you reprobate?

05-11-12 The Sin of Sodom
Why did God destroy Sodom and are we any better than they

05-06-12 - The Hidden Gospel part 3
A brief history of the altar call & sinners prayer + the elements of true conversion

05-04-12 Micahs Idolatry
Examining Judges 17 & 18

April 2012

04-29-12 The Hidden Gospel part 2
A form of Godliness that denies the power thereof

04-27-12 - The Hidden Gospel
How the world blurs the lines of distinction between Gods people and others

04-08-12 Jesus is our Passover
How Christ fulfills the three Spring Feasts

04-06-12 Modern Idolatry
Knowing the pagan roots of Easter, what should be our response

04-01-12 Escape the Grip of Pornography
How you can break the hold of porn in your life

March 2012

03-30-12 Tithe or Else!
Church leaders are getting desperate

03-25-12 Romans 9-10-11 part 3
The Apostle Paul , the church and Israel

03-18-12 Romans 9-10-11 - part 2
The Apostle Paul , the church and Israel

03-16-12 Romans 9-10-11- part 1
The Apostle Paul , the church and Israel

03-11-12 An Examination of the Book of Enoch
Is the Book of Enoch a legitimate source of truth for Christians?

03-09-12 Israel - The Withered Fig Tree
The Kingdom is taken from national Israel but continues in spiritual Israel

February 2012

02-26-12 A Bruised Reed He Will Not Break
Learning to show mercy before judgment

02-24-12 A Damnable Heresy
A false teacher claims you can serve God and mammon

02-19-12 Prevailing Prayer
Five conditions for answered prayer

02-17-12 Addiction is Not a Disease
If you sow to the flesh you will reap corruption

02-12-12 The Blessing of Ephraim
What does Ephraim have to do with the church?

January 2012

01-29-12 Grace to You
Grace is more than favor

01-27-12 Qualifications for Leaders
What are the standards of behavior for Christian servant-leaders?

01-22-12 Is Dispensationalism Another Gospel
Does the Bible teach one plan for the church and another for Israel?

01-20-12 Which Jesus Do you Serve?
The gospel of self fulfillment versus the gospel of self denial

01-15-12 Video - Matt Chandler - God is For God
Matt Chandlers appearance at Orange Code Revival

01-08-12 The Kingdom in You
Manifesting Gods kingdom in good times and bad

01-01-12 To Know Him plus Communion Service
Do you know Him or do you just know about Him?