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Michelle Lesley - Feminist Infiltration and the Emasculation of Christian Men

Mike Ratliff - Are you amongst the termites?

Amy Spreeman - Emotional manipulators: The truth must die

Bud Ahlheim - Cast Me That Vision, Bro.....

Buff Scott Jr. - Where I'm Coming From

Chuck Baldwin - Washington D.C. Neocons are The Greatest Threat to World Freedom

Eric Metaxas - Why Cremation is Pagan and Burial is Christian

Tom Chantry - Occam’s Razor and the Perpetuity of Evangelical Scandal

Brandon Hines - Guilty by Association or Accessory to Heresy?

Joel McDurmon - Driscoll, MacArthur, Trump: who’s really to blame

Mike Oppenheimer - Did Jesus Identify Himself as God

Kayse Pratt - You've Been Made For Greatness (and other lies the church is telling you)

W.F. White - God’s NEW Covenant, Has REPLACED the OLD Covenant! 

Joel McDurmon - The pro-life problem is much bigger than you think

Nate Pickowicz - Andy Stanley, Megachurches, and the Bullying of Christ’s Bride

Susan Stamper Brown - Socialism: Worshipping the God of Government

Herman Cain - Socialism and the Delusion of Rich People as Your Enemy

Ken Cascio - Cattle and Sheep

Joel McDurmon - The Violence Inherent in "Christian Socialism"

Joel McDurmon - Do You Polish the Brass on a Sinking Ship

Berit Kjos - The Fall and Rise of Human Violence

J.D. Hall - But They're Reaching People!


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