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Gary DeMar - Asking and Answering the Wrong Questions in the Hobby Lobby Case

Joel McDurmon - Aronofsky’s Noah: a panoply of Jewish paganism

Jonathan Merritt - A Thread Called Grace

George Robinson - Martyrdom Today

Brannon Howse - A Biblical Response to Bill O’Reilly’s Book Killing Jesus

Gary DeMar - The Religion of Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos”

Andy Crouch - You're Free to Toke Up. But Don't

Brian Lee - Repent of Lent: 
How Spiritual Disciplines Can Be Bad for Your Soul

Kim Riddlebarger - The Russians Are Coming! Time to Check the Rapture Index

Marsha West - A culture of counterfeit Christians

P.J. Miller - Examining the term 'Judeo-Christian'

Frank Viola - Another Reason Why Many Pastors Leave the Ministry

Michael Clark - Living Without an Agenda of Our Own

Todd Pruitt - The Cult of the Visioneer

Boz Tchividjian - A public statement concerning sexual abuse in the church

Gary DeMar - Blood Moons, Bible Prophecy, and the Integrity of the Bible

Ingrid Schlueter - What Women Really Need

Tullian Tchividjian - 'LiveStrong' Christianity

Peter Jones - How Ephesians Killed My Radical Christianity

Andrew Strom - Nine Lies of the Church Today

Joel Taylor - When Leaders No Longer Lead

Nancy Guthrie - We Don’t Have to Read the Book or See the Movie to Know Heaven Is Real

Matt Walsh - Planned Parenthood: still a bigger liar than Wendy Davis

Ray Yungen - Understanding Mantra Meditation and Altered States

Kevin Reeves - Latter Rain: The Spawning of Apostasy

Sandy Simpson - They Will Believe The Lie

Bob DeWaay - "Christian" Dream Interpretation

Sean DeMars - A "Gospel" that Almost Killed Me

Bob Johnson - Book Review: Break Out! by Joel Osteen

Sandy Simpson - Servant Authority

Duke Taber - Is It Time To Put An End To The Man Of God Syndrome?


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