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Tuesday 5-24-16

The NAR’s Infallable Prophet Rick Joyner (and the New Breed)

Two ministers, 30 others snared in prostitution, human trafficking sting

Stop Sharing Anna McCarthy's Articles (Examining the Blog "Just a Jesus Follower")

Vulnerable Children Being 'Recruited' to Believe They Are Transgender

Jeff Maples - Should Christians Engage in Religious Debate on Social Media?

People of no religion outnumber Christians in England and Wales – study

Oklahoma Gov. Vetoes Bill to Make Abortion a Felony

Shocking 911 Call: Baby Born Alive After Abortion, “The Fetus is Breathing, We Can’t Provide Care”


Monday 5-23-16

Will Elijah List & Australian Prophetic Council be duped by Amanda Well’s bull?

The West Coast Continues to ‘Rumble’–Night 53

Christian “Prophet” Explains How Prince’s Death Fulfilled Biblical Prophecy

Seth Dunn - The Vision-Casting of the Anointed: a Baptist Push

Matt Barber - No, Hitler Was Not A Christian

Obama Bans federal Use of Words 'Negro' and 'Oriental'

Record 499 Syrian Refugees Admitted to US So Far in May Includes No Christians


Friday 5-20-16

Beth Moore’s Bible-Twisting Now Includes “Binding Prayers”

Humans Become God? Yes, It’s Catholic Theology

Church of Scotland to consider online baptisms, communion

Israel: Study Reveals Muslims More Devout Than Christians or Jews

Oklahoma legislature passes bill making it a felony to perform abortions


Thursday 5-19-16

The NAR – You Will Know Them By Their Nuts

SBC’s Floyd: Doctrine of Unity Demands Decree Against Dissenters

Why No School Has to Obey Obama's Transgender Bathroom Decree


Wednesday 5-18-16

Dominionism Taught By Forerunners of the NAR Since the Late 1940s

Where Are People Leaving the Church Going?

President Obama appoints United Church of Christ transgender leader to presidential council

Bathrooms are just the beginning: a scary look into the trans movement’s end goals

Peru: Nearly 100 schoolchildren 'possessed by the devil'

22% of Resettled Reefugees in Minnesota Test Positive for Tuberculosis

80 Muslims Baptized Into Christianity Despite Attacks by Muslims in German Camps

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