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Friday 2-5-16

Archaeologists Find Pool of Siloam, Confirm Gospel of John Accurate

Pastors Lay Hands on 'President-To-Be' Hillary Clinton to Decree the Favor of the Lord

Creflo Dollar honored by lawmakers at Georgia State Capitol

Creflo Dollar Highway Proposal to Honor Megachurch Pastor Upsetting Georgia Residents

Joel Osteen featured on the February cover of Success magazine

Joel Osteen's "Power of I Am"  = New Age Pagan Book

America's largest cross begins construction in Corpus Christi, Texas

Video Shows Planned Parenthood Sought to Hide Profits From Sale of Baby Parts


Wednesday 2-3-16

Rick Joyner - If Panthers win Super Bowl God will release revival!

Ted Cruz Victory in Iowa Proves Non Tithing Christians Are Not Cursed

Bill Johnson Uses Non-Biblical Story to Correct Bible-Believers

Mark Driscoll Restores Himself, Will Launch New Church in Phoenix This Year

Pope Francis advises; Ask Mary's help if illness makes it hard to trust God's mercy

Texas Mega-Church to Pay $1.525 Million to Leave Denomination

Pastor of China's Largest Church Jailed for Protesting Removal of 1,500 Crosses

Officials: Boko Haram burns kids alive in Nigeria, 86 dead


Monday 2-1-16

Young Jr. , Furtick, Stanley, & Meyer to be featured in new Netflix Series

Jonathan Cahn Partners With Arch Heretic Ken Copeland

Ten Reasons 'Jesus Calling' is a Dangerous Book

Children, Toddlers, Babies Sing: 'Always Submit To The Church Administration'

America's Most Godless Cities

Company Developing ‘Tech Tattoos’ So People Can Track Their Medical, Financial Info

Obama to Visit US Mosque With Deep Extremist Ties

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