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Tuesday 6-30-15

What is the Elijah List & who is Steve Shultz?

Geronimo Aguilar, ex-megachurch pastor, found guilty of sexual assault

Do You Worship in a State-Approved Church?

Al-Shabaab Jihadists Vow to Attack 'Non-Believers'...Give Christians 'True Taste of Jihad'

Supreme Court Rules States Can't Force Voters to Prove Citizenship


Monday 6-29-15

The Pastor Housing Allowance Scam

Joel Osteen Lakewood Church Service Interrupted by Protesters Shouting Scripture

Bill Gothard Defends Himself on New Website - Says All His Accusers Are Lying

No More Christian Events in Jerusalem Unless Rabbi's Approve

NYT Writer: Now’s the Time To End Tax Exemptions for Religious Institutions

Washington Post See's 'Sign From Heaven' in Double Rainbow Above WH

The True Black Tragedy: Illegitimacy Rate of Nearly 75%

U.S. Troops Face Eating, Drinking Restrictions During Ramadan

IS-linked group said to issue leaflets threatening Christians in Jerusalem

Sudan Punishes Imprisoned Pastors after American Advocacy


Friday 6-26-15

T.D. Jakes Executive Leroy Alexander Lowe Arrested For Raping Under Age Girl

US Churches Receive Less Trust Yet More Money Than Ever

Judge Lifts Kansas Ban on Dismemberment Abortions Tearing Babies Limb From Limb

Jewish gay-to-straight conversion therapy group committed consumer fraud, jury finds

Israel Uncooperative After Historic Church in the Holy Land Burned, Vandalized


Wednesday 6-24-15

Joel Osteen: Muslims attend my church, I don't try to put people in a box

John Bevere, a journey into the unknown of the Holy Spirit and Jesus

Pope's Science Advisor Seems to Believe in Gaia, But Not in God

Church In Israel Partially Burned In Arson Attack, Authorities Suspect Jewish Extremists

FBI Files Document Hardcore Communism in Valerie Jarrett’s Family


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