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Tuesday 7-28-15

Cliff Kincaid - The Religious Origins of the Sanctuary Movement

Bernard N. Howard - From Liberal Judaism to Faith in Jesus

Christians under pressure: from bigotry at school to imprisonment and murder

Rogue prosecutors: a case example on the need for biblical accountability laws


Monday 7-27-15

How Juanita Bynum Failed Hope For Bobbi Kristina Brown

Epic fail: Kris Vallotton’s 5 non-biblical tests for a true prophet

Rob Bell Promotes 'Mother God' & 'Apophatic Meditation in New Liturgists Show

Boy Scouts to end ban on gay leaders

Episcopal Priest shocks flock by leaving wife for younger man

State Forbids Volunteer Counselors From Saying Homosexuality is Sin

General Hospital Star Michelle Stafford Has Sneaked Scientology into Nickelodeon

Group To Unveil Satan Statue In Detroit During Largest Public Satanic Ceremony Ever


Friday 7-24-15

Is This the End of Christianity in the Middle East?

How U.S.-style megachurches are taking over the world, in 5 maps and charts

What the Jade Helm 15 Conspiracy Theory Reveals About Americans

Maker of secret video says he prays for Planned Parenthood official, considers her a friend

Evangelicals and Muslims together denounce Franklin Graham’s anti-Muslim remarks

Illegal Alien Crime Wave in Texas: 611,234 Crimes, 2,993 Murders Since 2008

70 Niger Churches Struggle to Rebuild After Islamist Revenge Rampage....


Thursday 7-23-15

Prosperity preacher Creflo Dollar makes fresh appeal for funds

Pastor Locked Out Of Church By Members After He Took Over Finance Dept

'Healer' loses appeal on sex convictions

Undercover Reporters Likely Have Video of Clinics HARVESTING BABY BODY PARTS

Former Director: Organ Harvesting is Big Business for Planned Parenthood

Donald Trump Comes Out In Support Of 20 Week Abortion Ban

Congresswoman Introduces 'Defund Planned Parenthood Act'


Wednesday 7-22-15

Ben Carson: The Whole Purpose' of Planned Parenthood Is to 'Eliminate Black People

Abortionist Compares Planned Parenthood Director Deborah Nucatola to Jesus 

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