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Tuesday 11-25-14

TBN faces rape claim in court

Evangelicals Who Promote the Mystical Power of Communion

The Rob Bell Show to Premiere on Oprah Network on 12/21

Half of Americans, Majority of White Evangelicals Believe Natural Disasters Due to 'End Times' Not Climate Change

Monday 11-24-14

Joyce Meyer cancels speaking engagement at IHOP-KC Onething 2014

Rob Bell and Oprah Wrap Up New Age Tour—EQUALLY YOKED

Friday 11-21-14

Join us tonight for Friday Night Revival Prayer

Rick Warren at the Vatican Humanum Conference: "We All Love Jesus Christ"

Churches Won’t Be Charged “Rain Tax” if they Preach Global Warming

Pastor Arrested For Faking Miracles in Ghana

Tim Challies - A Debate I would Watch

Charles Taze Russell and John Hagee

Muslims Chant to Remove Jesus at Washington’s National Cathedral

Thursday 11-20-14

Alvin Plantinga Barak Obama Jonathan Gruber and the heart of American darkness

SBC Pastor, David Hughes, Refers to Ex-Church Members as Pieces of Human Excrement

‘I don’t': Conservative pastors vow not to officiate government marriages

Wednesday 11-19-14

Rick Frueh - Christian Television: An Epic Spiritual Blight

Sola Sisters - Thoughts On Driscoll and The Biblical Qualifications For A Pastor

Ted Cruz’s Father Spreads Barton’s Fables in Church

IRS Agents Could Pose as Clergy to Access Privileged Information

Islam Insulted Christians and Jews in National Cathedral


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