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Monday 10-20-14

Angley’s for-profit Grace Cathedral Buffet uses volunteer labor again after feds said to stop

Youth minister accused of sexual misconduct with a 14-year-old

Youth pastor abuse victim says church more concerned with reputation than him

UK Assisted suicide guidelines relaxed by Director of Public Prosecutions

Chinese pastor grateful for prison sentence


Friday 10-17-14

John Hagee: Ebola is God's punishment for Obama 'dividing Jerusalem'

The Ten Richest Pastors in the World - 2014

Washington State AG Looking Into Mars Hill Global Fund

Hillsong’s Brian Houston says church won’t take public position on LGBT issues

Breaking News From the Bible: Jesus Never Had a Building Fund

Christian Mother of Five Death Sentence for Blasphemy Upheld by Pakistani Court

How Boko Haram's Murders and Kidnappings Are Changing Nigeria's Churches


Thursday 10-16-14

Ebola Survivor Nancy Writebol: Ebola is a Spiritual Battle

Roger Oakland - The Conversion of Protestants to Catholicism Through the Eucharist

Houston mayor, city attorney distance themselves from sermon subpoenas

Spiritual information about Pokemon

The decades-old treatment that may save a young Dallas nurse infected with Ebola


Wednesday 10-15-14

BREAKING: Mark Driscoll resigns from Mars Hill Church

Roger E. Olson - Leaving Behind "Left Behind"

Former Grace Cathedral member says of Ernest Angley: ‘He divides and conquers families’

Pastor Juan McFarland Threatened Deacons With Castle Law: Right To Use Deadly Force

Church Minister Facing Sex Abuse Charge

Second health care worker tests positive for Ebola in Dallas

How superstition may thwart Ebola’s eradication in Guinea


Tuesday 10-14-14

Terror group inadvertently creates Gospel curiousity in Iraq

City of Houston Demands Oversight of Sermons

The murderous Chinese cult that thinks Jesus has returned — as a Chinese woman

Malaysian court: ‘Allah’ is Muslim-only word 

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