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Friday 9-19-14

Satan's School of Deception

Singer Carmen Defends Osteen: Church Leaders Need to Stop 'Terrorizing' Joel...

Hillsong Church to come under scrutiny at royal commission into child sex abuse


Thursday 9-18-14

Nigerian preacher faces scrutiny after disaster

Christian MMA fighters KO each other with simultaneous hits to the privates


Wednesday 9-17-14

Many Killed in Building Collapse at TB Joshua Complex

TB Joshua Blames Building Collapse on UFO Attack

Perry Noble & NewSpring Kick-Off Tithing Season with Parody of Themselves!!


Tuesday 9-16-14

Jailed televangelist Jim Bakker is back in business hawking survivalist kits....

Will Christians be Snookered by The Shemitah?

Jonathan Cahn’s Most Recent Duping of God's People: “The Mystery of the Shemitah”

Chris Rosebrough Audio - Hebrew-ish Heresies - Debunking The Shemitah

Joel McDurmon - Cruzifiction

Paul Preached Jesus to Jews, Because He Knew They'd End Up In Hell, Without Him!

Pastor Glenn VanZandt Arrested For Long Term Sexual Relationship With Minor!

Police lift lid on murky world of bogus faith healers who promise cures for money

10-Eye-Opening Quotes From Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger

Dozens of Christians 'including women and children' arrested in Saudi Arabia...


Monday 9-15-14

The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill Church

Ross Douthat - The Middle East’s Friendless Christians

Mark Chironna’s New Age/Quantum Mysticism at Bethel Redding Conference

Rick Joyner Says Some Christians Can Cure Ebola Simply Through Their Presence

Video - Rick Joyners most recent visit to heaven

How 727 Megachurches Spend Their Money

It's Back! - The 'Blasphemy Challenge' encourages people to curse God on video

Ted Cruz walk-off: cynical, or 'Sister Souljah moment'? 


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