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Notice - Beginning Sept. 1 I will be taking a break from posting daily news headlines perhaps for the entire month. I will check and respond to email during this time but not as frequently as usual.  I need to get away from internet and TV and all our other modern devices for a while.  Thank you for your understanding.


Monday 8-31-15

Ligonier Suspends R. C. Sproul Jr. over Ashley Madison Visit

Joel McDurmon - When end-times madness hijacks the brain, and the Bible

38% of born-again Christians = prayer boost's wealth,  24% = wealth a sign of Gods favor

Pastor Boyd Holder Back in Pulpit After Allegedly Stealing From Church 

Different churches (AME & RCC) joined in faith

Marble Collegiate Church Says Donald Trump Is Not an Active Member

$60 Per Aborted Baby, Planned Parenthood Tells Congressional Investigators

'Sister Wives' clan uses same-sex marriage ruling in polygamy case

Quebec’s Proposed Imposition of Blasphemy Laws Will Affect Us All


Friday 8-28-15

Paula White Invites Donald Trump to Meet With Evangelicals

Man proposes to his boyfriend in Texas Methodist Church...gets standing ovation

The Duggars: How Gothard's Teachings on Sexuality Create Predatory Behavior

Former PA Pastor Sentenced After Sexually Abusing Child For 10 Years While HIV Positive

‘I was raised in a religious cult’: New book details life in the Exclusive Brethren

Building an Islamic State in America, One Church at a Time

Southern Baptists Will Cut 600 to 800 Missionaries and Staff


Thursday 8-27-15

Donald Trump just dodged two questions about the Bible

Josh Duggar Enters 'Long-Term Treatment Center'

Anna Duggar and the Dangers of Facile Forgiveness

Outrage spreads as cities plan Ramadan celebrations on 9/11

Wealthy Chinese Come to Southern California to Give Birth

Census Data Disproves Radicals Claims of Forced Conversion to Christianity in India


Wednesday 8-26-15

Jason A. Van Bemmel - Killing Sin by the Spirit

Free Download - The Shemitah Myths Exposed

Does Saying an Islamic Creed Deny Our Christian Faith?


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