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Friday 4-17-15

Adam Maarschalk - 30 AD – 70 AD: “The Crimson Thread Remained Crimson”

Girl Fell From Tree, Visited Jesus In Heaven And Awoke Cured, Mom Claims In New Book

Kong Hee Trial - Numbers in cashflow tables came from Kong Hee and Tan Ye Peng

Muslims Charged with Murder in Italy - Threw Christians Overboard

Pastors Wife: Iran Guards Say Saeed Abedini He Will Never Go Free Until He Denies Christ

Thursday 4-16-15

Will Christians Replace Commitment to the Gospel for Commitment to a Unified Dominionist Agenda to “Save the Country”?

Video - Justin Peters: Why the Bible Does Not Teach Praying a "Hedge"

Seven Unbiblical Statements Christians Believe

U.S. military ‘hostile’ to Christians under Obama; morale, retention devastated

It’s up to Dalai Lama whether he’ll be reborn (reincarnated), Buddhist leader says


Wednesday 4-15-15

Police: Home church pastors starved tot, thinking he was demon-possessed

Woman arrested in connection with child’s death in home church

Sex abuse trial begins of 'cult-like' church pastor, with parade of accusers to testify

Oklahoma Satanist church wants permission to distribute books in elementary school

Michigan Church to Establish 'Special Fund' to Repay $300K Donated by Ponzi Scammer


Monday 4-13-15

66 Reasons Tithing is FLAT WRONG

Jesus Told the Religious Jews: “If God Were Your Father, Ye Would Love Me”

Took Concerns About A.D. T.V. Series to Pastor – He Says “Result Will Be Good” 

Film to document faith-healing church and those who died because of its beliefs

Presbyterian Church Hosts Rally To Support Planned Parenthood Abortion Business

Experts Dispute David Barton’s Claims About Translating for the Russian Gymnastics Team

David Barton Claims he Played Basketball for ORU - School Says He Didn't


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