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Thursday 1-29-15

Bob DeWaay - How Deliverance Ministries Lead People into Bondage

Gay Alabama Lawmaker Threatens to 'Out' Adulterous Hetero Colleagues....

After Zuckerberg said 'Je Suise Charlie' Facebook censors Muhammed images


Wednesday 1-28-15

HarperCollins Publishing Really Wants You to Know Their Heaven Story Is For Real

A.A. co-founders violating Bible, seeking contact with dead, from the beginning

Museum of Idolatry: You Give Church a Bad Name

UK Christian School Shut Down for Having ‘Discriminatory Views’ Toward Other Faiths

Islamic Tribunal using Sharia Law confirmed in Texas; Attorney claims it's voluntary 


Tuesday 1-27-15

City Harvest trial: 'Story cooked up' by Kong Hee & Co untrue, argues ex-fund manager

Evangelical Political Operative Reveals Plan to Fundamentally Transform America

Is This a Christian Worship Service - Church Members Dance Around Ark of the Covenant

Millennials bucking trends on abortion approval

U.K. - Con artist masqueraded as a faith healer to dupe vulnerable victims

Monday 1-26-15

Buff Scott Jr.  - Understanding the Language of the Prophets 

Fisking Christianity Today’s defense of Perry Noble

A.D. : Will Your Church Be Buying the Roma Downey Sermon Kit?

Rob Bell Promotes 'Mother God' and 'Apophatic Meditation' in New Liturgists Show

Church ordered to keep the noise down after complaints over 'rowdy parties'

Tending the 'Stolen' Sheep in Latin America's Booming Bible Belt


Friday 1-23-15

Kim Riddlebarger - A Christian Jihad? Self-Defense as a New Crusade?

Journalism school dean: The First Amendment ends at insulting Mohammed

Aborting black America; The ‘black lives matter’ slogan excludes the unborn

Marcus Borg, leading liberal theologian and historical Jesus expert, dies at 72

Obama To Imprisoned Pastor's Wife: Saving Saeed Abedini in Iran Is 'A Top Priority'

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah Is Dead, Succeeded by Prince Salman 

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