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Church denies Tims claim to leadership

Tims ex-wife files lawsuit against Paula White appointment

Paula White Officially Appointed Senior Pastor of Zachery Tims' Fla. Church

City Officials Attempt to Shut Down Church-Run Nightclub Due to Violence

New Birth Christian Academy closing

Without Walls Central Church Property Out of Business?

African Warlord Who Killed 20,000 People Repents; Now Christian Evangelist

Group loyal to Riva Tims protests pastor choice

Zachery Tims' Mother Considers Appeal on Revealing Pastor's Cause of Death

Christian Group Donates $100,000 to NY Muslim Food Pantries

James Robison: The Lord Wants Catholics & Protestants to Unite

Paula White allegedly "strong arming" her way into control of New Destiny Christian Center

Hilliard resigns from New Destiny board over selection of Paula White as pastor

Culture Wars! - 5,000 outraged Texans rally in support of Christmas scene

Franklin Graham says no problem voting for a Mormon for president

Jewish, Muslim and Christian groups purchase land for neighboring houses of worship

Perry wants school prayer in the constitution

Obama goes to church, pastor likens him to John the Baptist

Oprah Winfrey discusses getting closer to "that which is God"

Pastor Sold Church Under Congregations Nose

Pathetic Protholics Like James Robison are Reversing the Reformation

Utah Pastor Moves, Admits Preaching to Mormons Drained Passion

Angel Food Ministries Founders Indicted on Fraud Charges

Eddie Long Steps Down

Eddie Long's Wife Not Withdrawing Divorce Petition

Long's Wife to Withdraw Divorce Suit After 'Prayerful Reflection'

Pastor Eddie Long's Wife to File For Divorce

Churches Not Canceling Worship on Christmas Sunday; Will People Show Up?

Evangelicals flocking to Newt Gingrich

London church tells HIV patients to stop treatment

Orbs Appear at Catholic Mass

Eddie Long’s spiritual son “Brian Tamaki” makes 700 ‘sons’ take an oath?!

Poll: Evangelicals skeptical about Mormonism, will back Romney over Obama

Rick Perry signs evangelical pledge

The Day Crystal Cathedral Died

Crystal Cathedral members pray for miracle to stop sale

Catholic diocese of Orange County to buy bankrupt Crystal Cathedral

Chapman University up bid for Crystal Cathedral

Judge to rule on competing plans for Crystal Cathedral

Should your pastor be on a billboard - The "next level" syndrome

'Cross Spangled Banner' to Reawaken Forgotten Virtues of America

Bankrupt church wants donations for pastor’s sick wife ferried in limo

Sacred Fire, Smoke & Drums Mark the World Day of Prayer For Peace

Harold Camping Repents, Apologizes for False Teachings

Evangelist charged with video voyeurism

Christian church teams up with high priestess of Isis

Portland Church Hosts Third Annual "Blessing of the Bycycles"

Former CEO accused of targeting churchgoers

Doomsday ministry scrubs end of world predictions from website

Crystal Cathedral OKs Sale to Chapman University

Doomsday prediction by ministry doesn't happen

Bishop Eddie Long Lawsuit: Church Members Sue Minister After Losing $1M

God Stopped Saving People in May, Family Radio Says

Tithing Hits Record Low; Churches Spend More to Make Congregants Happy

National Cathedral Removes 2 Tons of Stonework Damaged by Earthquake

Washington Monument Crack: A Sign to Believers? 

Paul Crouch Jr. Abruptly Leaves TBN

Angel Food Ministries: Sued For Breach of Contract

Creditors claim Schuller family took endowment money for salaries

Tims Family Moves to Supress Toxicology Report

Harold Camping Update: Rapture Will 'Probably' Finish Oct. 21

Unsanctioned Boxing Event At Tulsa Church Leaves One Dead

Pat Robertson: Mitt Romney (Mormon) an 'Outstanding Christian'

Eddie Long Scandal: Minister Seeks to Recoup Settlement Money

Crystal Cathedral Bankruptcy: 'Miracle Faith Offering' Drive Falls Short

Hundreds of pastors thumb noses at IRS

American Family Association Targets Radio Hosts Over Association With Critic

Jim Bakker and Cindy Jacobs Claim They Prophesied 9/11

Iranian Pastor Faces Execution for Refusing to Recant Christian Faith

Pat Robertson Says Divorce, Alzheimer's Remarks Were Misinterpreted

Angel Food Ministries Shuts Down for Good

Children of God ... bred to take over the world

Evangelicals Line Up Behind Perry

Pope promotes interfaith relations in meetings with Muslims, Protestants

Controversial Pastor Rob Bell Steps Down

Ted Haggard Joins Reality Show 'Celebrity Wife Swap'

Task Force Considers Southern Baptist Convention Name Change

'Touchdown Jesus' Statue idol in Ohio to Return Soon

Judge lets Crystal Cathedral bankruptcy plan proceed

More Americans tailoring religion to fit their needs

Man claims 'virgin Mary' statue saved his house from fire

Christian Crusaders Cash In

Millionaire Men of God

Young evangelical adults stand apart from elders on same-sex marriage

Pastor Ordered To Repay Nearly $500K Meant For Church

Juanita Bynum Raises Brows With 'Tongues' Prayer on Facebook

Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa named in Child Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

Dominionism? What Dominionism? I don't see any Dominionism!

Quotes on Dominionism From the Apostles and Prophets of the NAR

Bishop Eddie Long won't discuss latest revelations by former church members

Eddie Long Accusers Break Silence

In Jerusalem Beck Proclaims - Three Paths to God!

TBN to Air Mormon Glenn Beck Jerusalem Rally

Crystal Cathedral Gets Protesting Members' Website Closed

C. Peter Wagner – NAR is not a cult!

Pope Declares Mary as "The Ark of the Covenant " and " The New Eve"

Paula White's Without Walls Sues Former Pastor for 'Stealing' Members

Furtick's Elevation Church on Evangelism

Baptist Pastor Insists His Son "The Peeping Pastor" is Innocent

Bob Larson to get reality TV show - "All-American Girls Fighting Satan"

Pastor Zachery Tims had an envelope of white powder in his pocket when he died.

Catholic diocese increases bid for Crystall Cathedral

Gov. Rick Perry’s relationship with Muslims may set him apart

Florida Pastor Zachery Tims found dead in NYC hotel room

Some Evangelicals Question The Existence Of Adam And Eve

Crystal Cathedral creditors vow to sue if church blocks a sale

T.D. Jakes, Pastors Upset After Rating Drop, Dow Jones Plunge

NAR Apostle oversees document divorcing America from the ancient god, Baal

Norco church leader defends bid for Crystal Cathedral

Michele Bachmann Endorsed by 100 Pastors, Leaders in Iowa

Jesus, Mary and ... Josephine? It's lesbian Nativity at church

Modern Youth Ministry a '50-Year Failed Experiment,' Say Pastors

Hobby Lobby offers 47.5 million for Crystal Cathedral

Crystal Cathedral Not For Sale

Fallen televangelists find afterlife on the Internet

The Rapture Profiteers

Crystal Cathedral members seek a board without Schuller relatives

Eddie Long Update: Mystery Accuser Paid off?

Pastor Defends Calling Wife 'Smokin' Hot' in Prayer Before NASCAR Race

Crystal Cathedral Board Reinstates Schuller as Voting Member

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