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 Overcoming Spiritual Abuse  

If you have been a victim of an abusive pastor or church you may find these links helpful

Free online books: 

Churches That Abuse by Ronald Enroth

Recovering From Spiritual Abuse by Ronald Enroth

Note - ApostasyWatch does not endorse everything written in these books but they may be helpful in recognizing the signs of spiritual abuse. Please allow God's word to be your final authority on all matters 

Articles by Apostasy Watch (Steve Lumbley)

Christian Idolatry Overcoming Spirtiual Abuse
This is the system that allows the “clergy class” to rule over the laity, the regular people. It is a system that says God has a special class of people (the clergy) that is more anointed, more holy, and more able to discern the will of God than you, the regular everyday believer.
Who is Your Covering? Overcoming Spirtiual Abuse
There is a popular teaching coming from the pulpits of many apostate churches today which claims that Christians must have a “spiritual covering”. This teaching as it is presented in today’s church is a far cry from what Paul taught in 1 Corinthians 11.
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