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David Barton - Fake Historian

In recent years, David Barton has become the darling of religious conservatives in America. He has traveled the country speaking at churches and conferences as well as appearing on nationally known television shows such as Fox News, The 700 Club and The Jon Stewart Show.

He founded WallBuilders, a Texas-based organization with a goal of exposing the claimed U.S. constitutional separation of church and state as a myth. He is also the former co-chair of the Republican Party of Texas.  Barton collects early American documents, and his official biography describes him as "an expert in historical and constitutional issues" even though he holds no credentials as either a historian or a lawyer. His only academic achievement seems to be a BA in religious education from Oral Roberts University.  A 2005 Time magazine article entitled "The 25 Most Influential Evangelicals" called Barton "a major voice in the debate over church-state separation" who ..... [is] a hero to millions—including some powerful politicians.

So why do we have a page exposing him as a wolf? Well, it seems Mr. Barton has been a little, shall we say, misleading in the quotes and examples he cites. He has been accused of, and in some cases admitted to using undocumented sources, distortions of fact, and partial quotes in an attempt to put forth the idea that the USA was founded as a Christian nation and that the founders were, if not explicitly Christian, at least amenable to and supportive of Christianity as the true religion of the nation.

We believe that God uses all nations for his purposes. He has certainly used the USA as a vessel of honor and as well as a vessel of dishonor in some cases. We do not however believe that America (and its government) is Gods chosen nation upon the earth today. This false idea is the cornerstone of the Christian nationalist (dominion) movement which seeks to bring the Kingdom of God to the earth prior to the physical return of Christ.  We oppose the Christian nationalist movement and all the wolves in sheeps clothing who support it.

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