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Profit in the Pulpit - 2003 Ft Worth Star Telegram report on Mike Murdock


The 'Wisdom' of Mike Murdock

Mike Murdock is one of the biggest money lovers in the church world today.  He is famous (infamous) for selling his “Wisdom Keys” which he claims will make you healthy, wealthy, and wise.

He claims to have gotten these wisdom keys directly from the Holy Spirit and he’ll be happy to share them with you, for a price of course

Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give Math 10:8

Apparently Murdock’s version of this scripture says:

Freely ye have received, now go and sell!

Murdocks website http://www.thewisdomcenter.cc/ is an absolute marketing machine.

The home page opens like this

Thank you for visiting our website!  Your Life truly matters to me.   

Your goals are worthy of any investment necessary. That’s why you should carefully review the various parts of the website including the Catalog of 135 Books, Itinerary and new book releases. Watch my Wisdom Talk Video-Topic-Of-The-Day every morning for your personal motivation. A different topic featured daily.

I look forward to meeting you face-to-face at the upcoming conferences here at The Wisdom Center. Pursuing, Proclaiming and Publishing The Wisdom of God is Our divine Assignment.

Dr. Mike Murdock

The table of contents lists 23 sections, 9 of which have to do with ordering products or making contributions to him. Topics include:

Bookstore Ordering
Catalogue of 135 Books
Conference Registration
Partner Services – includes subsections for sowing seed into the ministry, and school of wisdom registration
Project of the Month – Sow a seed for India. Donate now
Special Offer of the Day – Teaching tape series – Turning Points in My Life only $38
Wisdom Key 3000 Partnership
Wisdom Key Prayer Letter – with special coupon for the tape series “7 Secrets My Father Taught Me.”

I’ve had some experience in the business world as an internet marketing specialist and I can tell you that this website has got to be one of the best I’ve seen for pulling in money.

And like most money preachers these days, Murdock still uses direct mail to market his books, tapes, and seminars.

A recent mailing promoted his “School of the Holy Spirit” July 9-11. Pre-registration only $15

Or his most recent “Decisions Decide Wealth” seminar June 19th.  There was a problem with this one though as I received the mailing on June 22. Apparently someone failed to exercise the wisdom key of “be sure to get the direct mail piece out before the date of the seminar”.  

All of this selling and self promotion is bad enough but a recent T.V. broadcast was enough by itself to make him my heretic of the week

During his broadcast on 6-27-04 on B.E.T Murdock claimed he was looking for 70 people who would sow an $8,500 seed into his ministry within the next 90 days. 

As usual he gave no scriptural basis for this but he did make the following statement.

 “Moses said to God I can’t do this by myself

God said take 70 men who respect your anointing and everytime I give you a miracle, I’ll give them one. Every time I bless you, I’ll bless them. Because the anointing you respect is the anointing that increases in your own life.”

From this he claimed there were 70 people God was speaking to that would sow an $8,500 seed into his ministry.

That’s right, I said $8,500

He said that for those who God was speaking to he wanted to agree in prayer for three things

1. Uncommon Financial favor
2. Uncommon ideas.
3. Lifetime Income

After giving personal testimony as to how God had blessed him in each of these areas Murdock prayed that special prayer.

”Father, I don’t know who the 70 are but you told Moses that the 70 men who respected his anointing, that you would take the mantle on him and give it to them and bless them.
I come into a covenant with you at your house that as you plant the $8,500 seed to spread the gospel, even within the next 90 days as you plant this 8,500 within the next 90 days, I come into covenant with you that God will give you FAVOR with a golden connection that forever changes your life, uncommon ideas and wisdom and 3, a lifetime blessing that you can bless your family for the rest of your life.”

”I want you to get off the sofa. Go to the phone because delayed obedience is disobedience!  Don’t sit there and hold 8,500. You dream is bigger than that!”

He did repeatedly say that this was not for everyone, only those 70 who knew where the $8,500 was. He suggested that it might be found in a mutual fund, a retirement fund, equity in a house, or it could even be payed on a credit card.

As I said Murdock gave no scriptural basis for the claim that God told moses to find 70 men who “respected his anointing”. So I took the liberty of looking it up for myself.

Here’s what the word of God actually says.

I am not able to bear all this people alone, because it is too heavy for me.
Num 11:14

And the LORD said unto Moses, Gather unto me seventy men of the elders of Israel, whom thou knowest to be the elders of the people, and officers over them; and bring them unto the tabernacle of the congregation, that they may stand there with thee. And I will come down and talk with thee there: and I will take of the spirit which is upon thee, and will put it upon them; and they shall bear the burden of the people with thee, that thou bear it not thyself alone.
Num 11:16-17

And the LORD came down in a cloud, and spake unto him, and took of the spirit that was upon him, and gave it unto the seventy elders: and it came to pass,that, when the spirit rested upon them, they prophesied, and did not cease.
Num 11:25

I have read this passage in 10 different translations and not one of them mentions “anointing” or “men that respect your anointing”. Neither does it claim that for every miracle he gave Moses one would be given to each of the 70.

Moses was having to bear the burden of all the people by himself. He was basically having to listen to their complaints day and night and it was wearing him out.

God told him to find 70 elders of the people. These were men that were well known and respected by the people. God did in fact place the spirit that was on Moses upon the 70 but it was so that they could bear the burden of the people along with Moses.

It had nothing to do with material blessing or miracles. In fact it looks to me like Moses lived through the wilderness just like the rest of the people. He ate manna and quail. He drank water from the rock. His clothes never wore out. He maintained his physical strength.

But it doesn’t appear that God did any special financial miracles for him or anybody else during this time!

Once again what we have here is a false teacher twisting scripture for his own personal gain.

The lesson from this is simple. Be a Berean. Search the scriptures for yourself. Don’t take any mans word for it. Don’t even take my word for it. Look it up for yourself.

There was one thing Murdock said that I will agree with. He ended his broadcast with this prayer:

”Holy Spirit, I’ve told your people what you told me to say. If what I’m teaching about sowing and reaping is just about Mike Murdock’s personal gain, may a curse be on me and my ministry and may my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth…..”

To that I say

But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned. Math 12:36-37

May it be unto him according to his words.

Steve Lumbley 2004 
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