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Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous Laodiceans - Paul & Jan Crouch

Hello – We’re Paul & Jan Crouch founders of your Trinity Broadcasting Network! We just wanted to take a few moments to say thank you to all our faithful partners who make TBN and our lavish lifestyles possible.

I know many of our partners would like to know what we do with the money you send in every month.

People like Olivia Foster of Westminster

Olivia faithfully sends in $70 each month from her $820 disability check (1) .

Well Olivia we’ve decided to compile this report for you and all our little partners out there who sacrificially give their disability money or even sometimes their little grocery money.

First of course we pay ourselves. In 2003, Jan & I paid ourselves almost $800,000 (2) . That income puts us in the top .001% of all U.S. households. I’ll bet you don’t make that kind of money. But hey, running a world wide television network is hard work and we deserve plenty of money for doing it.

Of course when you’re making that kind of money you can’t be expected to live in a van down by the river. So we bought ourselves this little place in Newport Beach.(3)


It was a bargain at $5 million and with almost 10,000 square feet there’s plenty of room for Jan’s dogs.

That’s not our only home though. We own around thirty homes across the U.S. including a mountain cabin at Lake Arrowhead and an 80 acre $10 million ranch in Texas (4). You wouldn’t believe what it costs to keep all those places maintained and running.

Getting to all those homes and ranches used to be a real burden but that was before we used our partner’s donations to buy this $7 million Canadair Jet (5)

Do you have your own private jet? Well, you just keep giving to TBN and I’m sure one day God will bless you with one almost as nice as this one.

Oh, and I almost forgot. It wouldn’t be right to let our children starve so we paid Paul Jr. and Matthew six figure salaries too. On top of that we’ve given Matthew almost $32 million (6) so he can pretend to be a big time movie producer. He’s used that money to churn out classics like the Omega Code.
Well, that one cost a little more than usual since we had to settle an accusation of plagiarism (7) before we could release it.

Here’s a snapshot of Paul Jr. enjoying his new Nordic Power Boat at Lake Havasu Arizona.

Here’s another one of Paul Jr. at Catalina

Along with all this good news we are sad to report that some of our partner’s money had to be used to defend the leadership of your TBN from accusations of sexual impropriety.
Yes, I’m sad to say that we had no choice but to
pay this man $425,000 to keep his mouth shut.


But even after all that we are proud to report that your TBN’s coffers are overflowing with cash. The last time we counted it was almost $300 million in cash and negotiable securities (8).

Remember though, it takes millions more to keep your TBN on the air. So be like Jeanne Fish of Tustin.

Jeanne Fish of Tustin is a loyal viewer of TBN, which she says comforted her after her husband died nearly 20 years ago. "I get so much out of it," she said. "It's almost like getting a theology degree. It's kind of hard to turn off, in fact." (Mark Boster / LAT)

So we thank you Jeanne and Olivia and all the other little grandmothers out there. Even though you’ll never make the kind of money we make or live the lifestyle we live you can be proud that your money is allowing us to preach the prosperity gospel to the whole world.


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