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Stan Johnson and the Great Prophetic Oil Stock Scam


Stan Johnson is the founder and director of The Prophecy Club, a radio program and speakers bureau which he claims is dedicated to providing "information and products with a prophetic warning message to win souls to Jesus, and call people to repentance" Only a brief listen to the Prophecy Club warnings will confirm they do offer a great many products. As for preaching the gospel to the lost, well, not so much.

Johnsons Prophecy Club almost went under after Y2K failed to produce the collapse of America that Johnson had been predicting for years.  From about 1997 Johnson hosted a seemingly unending stream of false prophets and doomsayers claiming that the end was nigh and Y2K would be the catalyst for everything from a stock market collapse, a nuclear attack on America, and even Armageddon itself. So sure was he of impending doom that Johnson helpfully allowed his listeners to purchase Y2K survival supplies directly from the Prophecy Club. Supplies by the way which he was buying from a well known online survival gear company. All Johnson did was mark up the products and offer them to his listeners at inflated prices in order to line his own pockets.

When the dreaded date passed without causing so much as a dead flashlight battery, many listeners abandoned the Prophecy Club, rightly concluding that Johnson was a false prophet and a promoter of false prophets. There seemed to be a glimmer of hope when Johnson offered this apology in the September 2002 issue of his ministry magazine. Unfortunately the hope was short lived as even in the apology Johnson was beginning to promote his latest scheme to save the Prophecy Club, the Power of Jesus Crusades.

For the next several years Johnson teamed up with false prophets like Tom Deckard to hold these Power of Jesus Crusades at venues all across the U.S.  At the crusade attendees could expect to learn to, recognize and develop spiritual gifts, hear and recognize the voice of God, learn the heart of God, heal your marriage, receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, learn to prophesy, get a personal prophecy, and much much more! All for only $100 per person. Such a deal! As of late 2007 the crusades had run their course and Johnson was back to the "we're all gonna die!!!!" pronouncements upon which the Prophecy Club was built.

Aside from the Y2K fiasco and the abominable Power of Jesus Crusades, the Prophecy Club has, since its inception been a platform for every crackpot theory, questionable concept, wild speculation, and baseless hypothesis ever to come down the pike. If you don't believe me, check out this little gem:

Suggested Donation: $25.00

Dr. Patrick Murray shows you the same sons of god of Genesis 6 will once again cause a strong delusion. It began when an Angel protecting America shot down a U.F.O spacecraft, crashing it at Roswell. Dr. Murray will reveal the top-secret treaty Harry Truman signed at Muroc Army Air Base by Eisenhower's Administration, exchanging high technology for rights. They will deceive and briefly rule the world, pointing to the Antichrist as the answer to earth's problems. All who have not already received Jesus Christ as Lord will believe the lie and be damned. God is sending a strong delusion for the last days - be prepared or risk falling away. 2 hrs. 40 min.


Johnsons lack of discernment is exceeded only by his lust for money which underlies everything he does. And that brings us to the latest incarnation of one of his longest running false prophecies, the oil in Israel scam.

During the 1990's, Stan Johnson welcomed to the Prophecy Club a Texas oilman and part time preacher named Hayseed Stephens. Stephens claimed that God had spoken to him during a 1982 meeting with Israel P.M. Menachem Begin and told him that he (Stephens) was the man God had appointed to discover oil in Israel. Supposedly, Stephens then began searching the scriptures for confirmation eventually coming up with at least 17 prophecies of an end time oil discovery in Israel.

Over the next few years, Hayseed Stephens became a regular on the Prophecy Club circuit and a close personal friend of Stan and Leslie Johnson. Stephens took advantage of every speaking appearance to promote his company, Ness Energy and claim that they were very near to the point of actually drilling for oil. Johnson always confirmed Stephens claims and even told his listeners that God had told him (Johnson) Ness Energy was the company and Hayseed Stephens was the man who would find oil in Israel. Needless to say all this talk of a huge oil strike caused many Prophecy Club listeners to want to invest in Ness Energy.

Johnson was very careful when speaking about Ness Energy to add a disclaimer in which he told listeners that they should not invest unless they had the "peace of God' about it and they should not invest money they "could not afford to lose". But he always added that when the oil came in, "don't forget the Prophecy Club with your tithes and offerings".  Of course this constant invocation of covetousness toward the audience had the effect of causing many of them to pump money into the company. Stephens big talk, aided by Stan Johnson's prophetic assurances  eventually drove the stock price up from it's initial .25 cents per share to a high of almost $5.

This continued for several years, Johnson always assuring the folks that he had a word form the Lord that Ness was the company and Hayseed Stephens was the man. Then, in May of 2003 something quite unexpected happened. Hayseed Stephens dropped dead of a heart attack.

Needless to say, Stan Johnson was quite shaken by this turn of events. He had not seen it coming. Only 18 months prior, an alleged prophetess named Nancy Cohen had given Stephens a prophecy which claimed that God would soon bring about all He had promised. Cohen prophesied that all who had scoffed at Stephens would come and bow before him and that the health problems that he worried about would not stop him. In fact she said he would be rejuvenated in his physical body. On top of that, Stan and his wife Leslie had tied several of their own dreams and visions to the discovery of oil in Israel. Now he was dead. If you thought this might cause Stan to rethink his ideas about oil in Israel, his lack of discernment, or even his own faulty prophetic ability you would be dead wrong.

After a time of seeking the Lord, Johnson felt he had his answer. The prophecies hadn't been wrong after all. Since the company Stephens founded was now headed by his son Sha, all the prophecies were still valid. It wasn't Hayseed Stephens to whom the prophecies were directed but rather to Hayseed's seed! Glory to God!

Reassured that he had not been wrong about all this Stan Johnson soldiered on promoting Ness Energy now on behalf of Sha Stephens rather than his deceased dad. As late as December 2005, Sha Stephens was appearing on the Prophecy Club radio broadcast claiming that Ness Energy was in the best financial shape of its history. Stephens told listeners that he was focusing on existing oil and gas wells in Texas which would provide the capital to enable them to begin drilling in Israel within 5 years. In one broadcast, Johnson assured everyone that he was certain it would not take that long. Once again Stan Johnson implied that the oil from Israel would soon be flowing and with the profits, the Prophecy Club would have the money to win "millions of souls to Jesus". 

Now for the rest of the story. At the time of Hayseed Stephens death, the price of oil was somewhere under $40 per barrel. Today oil has climbed to almost $100. The past five years have been one of the biggest boom times in the history of the oil industry. During this historic time of record profits in the oil business, Ness Energy has actually managed to go broke. In 2006 Sha Stephens began folding the companies operations. According to a notice on the Ness website in January 2008, Ness Energy had been sold to a group of investors and the Stephens family no longer held controlling interest in the company. The notice said that the investors had purchased the company with the full knowledge that it was at least $2-3 million dollars in debt and owned no appreciable assets.

The final chapter in the story of Ness Energy is this. The whole thing was a scam from the beginning. Ness Energy never held any drilling rights in Israel. They never conducted the necessary geological surveys. They never drilled so much as a test hole in the ground. Almost everything Hayseed Stephens said was a lie. He lied in order to defraud Gods people and enrich himself. Stan Johnson may have been ignorant of the inner workings of the stock swindle but he was a willing participant in the scheme. His love of money has caused him to err from the faith.

But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you.........And many shall follow their pernicious ways; ....................And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you:............. 2Peter 2:1-3

For the complete story of Hayseed Stephens and the Ness Energy pump and dump stock swindle see this story from the January 2008 issue of Mother Jones - Let There Be Light Crude

Given all the facts in this case, one might assume that Stan Johnson could possibly be led to see the error of his ways. Perhaps another apology might be forthcoming. Maybe Johnson could admit that he was wrong all along and that it wasn't the Lord speaking to him about Hayseed Stephens and Ness Energy. One might hope that Stan Johnson would repent and see that all this was at best a vision of his own covetous wicked heart, or at worst a demonic deception.

But no, once again it seems Stan Johnson has failed to grasp the degree of deception under which he is operating. Once again Stan Johnson has found a loophole, he has an out, he wasn't wrong after all. The prophecies of oil in Israel weren't false they were just misinterpreted. He just didn't understand. The Lord wasn't talking about Hayseed Stephens finding oil in Israel. No, it was Stan Johnson to whom the prophecies were directed. It is Stan Johnson himself who the Lord has commissioned to start an oil company and find oil in Israel.

16 Reasons Stan Johnson is Called to start a new oil company and Find Oil in Israel!

2 Thes 2:10-12
And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness


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