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The Truth About Christian Television

Joyful Exiles - How Mark Driscoll orchestrated a hostile takeover of Mars Hill Church

Meet the Apostles & Prophets of the New Apostolic Reformation

Hebrew Roots Movement

The Prophetic Movement - resources on false prophets

Todd Bentley and the Lakeland Florida Revival

Holy Laughter Research Information - includes Toronto & Pensacola

The Brownsville (Pensacola) Revival

Delivered from the Toronto curse!

Toronto Pastor Repents

Steve Shultz & The Elijah List

David Barton - Pseudo Historian

Mike Bickle - I.H.O.P.

William Branham - Deceased

Harold Camping - Deceased

Tony Campolo

Morris Cerullo includes "Miracle" video

Mark Chironna

Kim Clement - includes videos

Kenneth Copeland - includes video's

Paul Crouch/TBN - Deceased (Crouch is deceased but unfortunately TBN continues for now)

John Crowder/Sons of Thunder

Doyle Davidson

Tom Deckard

Creflo Dollar  includes video's

Jesse DuPlantis

Terry Durham aka the Pint Sized Preacher

David Eells

James Ewing

Ana Mendez Ferrell

Steven Furtick/Elevation Church

Bill Gothard/ATI

Jack Hayford

John Hagee - includes video

I.V. & Bridget Hilliard

Benny Hinn - includes video's

Cindy Jacobs

T.D. Jakes

Bill Johnson/Bethel Church - includes videos

Stan Johnson/The Prophecy Club

Bob Jones - Deceased

Bernard Jordan

T.B. Joshua, Nigerian Prophet/Preacher

Rick Joyner

Patricia King - Extreme Prophetic - includes videos

Bob Larson

Ron Luce/Teen Mania Ministries - includes video

Clarence McClendon

Joyce Meyer

Beth Moore

Mike Murdock

Arnold Murray/Shepherds Chapel - Deceased

Joel Osteen

Rod Parsley

Bishop Earl Paulk - Deceased

Peter Popoff

Joseph Prince

Pat Robertson

Michael Rood/A Rood Awakening

Maurice Sklar

Chuck Smith - Calvary Chapel - Deceased

Jimmy Swaggart

Robert Tilton

Jack Van Impe

Rick Warren  includes video

Ronald Weinland - Currently incarcerated for tax evasion

Paula & Randy White

Rick Wiles/Trunews

Andrew Wommack


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